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Empowering Decision-Making with Gasboy Products

Information is the cornerstone of effective problem-solving and decision-making in the fueling fleet environment. At Western Pump, we offer Gasboy products designed to provide you with software solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model or software installed on your own IT servers, Gasboy offers flexible options to suit your operational requirements. Trust in Gasboy petroleum products from Western Pump to enhance your fuel management processes.


The EKO System cloud-based SaaS model enhances centralized management by consolidating data from multiple sites and providing a real-time view of fueling activity with various custom and ad-hoc reporting options. EKOS gives customers confidence and control over their fuel-management capabilities while providing unparalleled efficiency. It is our most technologically advanced software, as it allows our customers to employ a fully cloud-hosted or hybrid-hosted SaaS model. This is ideal for customers with limited IT resources or those aiming to reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Tablet, mobile and desktop views of the EKO system cloud-based SaaS model

Fleet Head Office (FHO)

For customers who would prefer to manage their own software and IT structure, Gasboy has FHO software packages. Gasboy’s FHO provides access to more information in more places than any other fuel- or fleet-management application. It is the only system that provides remote access to real-time data and reporting. With a secure web interface, FHO facilitates fleet, fuel, and site management; it can set rules for individual components or the entire operation—anytime, anywhere.

Fleet Head Office Software screenshots

Equipment Financing

Interested in gas station equipment financing options? Western Pump partners with Patriot Capital to provide affordable convenience store and gas station financing.

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