EMV Fuel Station Equipment

Enhance Security with EMV Fuel Station Equipment

Reduce the risk of fraud and increase customer confidence with our EMV Fuel Station Equipment. This advanced technology not only helps avoid potential loss of fuel volume and convenience store sales but also attracts new customers. By reducing your susceptibility to skimming attacks, our EMV equipment ensures a secure and reliable fueling experience. Trust in our EMV Fuel Station Equipment to safeguard your business and customers.


FlexPay IV is the most secure payment platform for fuel dispensers

FlexPay IV CRIND provides straightforward, integrated, and secure payment solutions to prolong the life of your dispensers with payment compliance and a modern design.

FlexPay IV is fully integrated with a wide range of common POS systems. FlexPay IV CRIND comes factory-installed on the Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispensers. It is also compatible with a variety of dispensers in the form of retrofit kits and can be integrated with most major POS systems. The FlexPay™ IV CRIND has full EMV and PCI PED certification.

The modular approach to EMV upgrades ensures the lowest total cost of ownership through a simple upgrade process. With the FlexPay™ IV CRIND, you can feel confident that your site will support evolving payment regulations for years to come.

Equipment Financing

Interested in gas station equipment financing options? Western Pump partners with Patriot Capital to provide affordable convenience store and gas station financing.

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