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Western Pump’s Arizona branch, located in Phoenix, serves our Arizona customers.

The branch specializes in building and servicing fuel stations and transportation infrastructure facilities. We are the only fully integrated company offering design, engineering, construction, service, compliance, and fuel station equipment distribution throughout Arizona.

Our customers own and operate fuel systems, vehicle maintenance facilities, and convenience stores. We have built long-term relationships with our customers based on quality, trust, and integrity.

Photo: A Bulk Lube UST Install at a Love’s Truck Stop in Tolleson, Arizona.


Specialty • General • Electrical


Repairs • Maintenance • Compliance


Petroleum • Industrial • C-Store


Western Pump provides Arizona with comprehensive construction services, including consultation, engineering, design, project management, permitting, and equipment installation. We provide both general and specialty construction services.

General Construction

Western Pump provides a variety of general construction services—everything from a quick, self-performed repair to the ground-up construction of a new facility with a team of subcontractors. No project is too big or too small.

Speciality Construction

Western Pump offers a wide range of specialty construction services, including installation of fuel station equipment, gas station construction and maintenance, electrical systems, and vehicle maintenance equipment. All of our specialty construction services are self-performed.

Gas Station Maintenance Service

We provide a full suite of services ranging from emergency repairs and preventative maintenance to compliance testing and certification. Western Pump services fuels systems and DC Fast Charging stations throughout Arizona.

Fuel System Service

Western Pump’s gas station maintenance services are designed to reduce downtime, minimize repair costs, improve safety, and extend the lifespan of your fuel station equipment. We provide emergency repair services and preventative maintenance programs for all fuel system components and equipment.

DC Fast Charging Stations

Western Pump is your one-stop solution for all your electric vehicle-charging needs. With a DC fast charger, your company can save time and money while attracting new business opportunities. DC fast chargers (DCFC) are the most cost-effective chargers for businesses with high consumption needs.

Fuel Station Equipment

Western Pump is a full-line wholesale fuel station equipment supplier and installer. From our office in Phoenix, Western Pump offers parts and equipment sales to oil companies, retail service stations, dealers, contractors, fleet owners, and maintenance facilities throughout Arizona. We sell and install, fuel system and automotive repair equipment, DC Fast charging stations, and point of sale systems.

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