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Express Lane™ Self-Checkout

Important Features

Enhance consumer experience to increase loyalty

Increase operational efficiencies

Seamless integration with the Passport POS Suite



  • A new type of Passport client that performs a subset of POS functions tailored as a consumer-facing device
  • Enter items by scanning, speedkeys or UPC Codes
  • Age-Restricted items with control console approval
  • Card-based / mobile payment systems


  • Monitor and modify transactions on the individual consumer-facing terminals
  • Control via existing cashier workstations or through a separate dedicated piece of equipment
  • Modify Consumer Terminal transaction
  • Void, suspend, add items including restricted
  • Records trackable cashier actions for audits
  • Enable / Disable Customer Terminal


  • Cash automation at Express Lane self-checkout made possible with partner, Crane Payment Innovations, the leader in payment automation technology.
  • Don’t be limited by labor. Serve all customers at self-checkout regardless of payment type. Automate entire self-checkout experience for customers paying with cash.
  • The average c-store purchase is $9.02. 47% of transactions under $10 are paid in cash!
  • CPI offers the industry’s largest and most experienced customer support team for total peace of mind.