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The EKO System cloud-based SaaS model enhances centralized management by consolidating data from multiple sites and providing a real-time view of fueling activity with various custom and ad-hoc reporting options. EKOS gives customers confidence and control over their fuel-management capabilities while providing unparalleled efficiency. It is our most technologically advanced software, as it allows our customers to employ a fully cloud-hosted or hybrid-hosted SaaS model. This is ideal for customers with limited IT resources or those aiming to reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Important Features

Enable digital transformation at scale with visibility across facilities, fleets, and end-customer services.

Automate workflows and increase productivity by transforming real-time data into actionable insights.

Simplify your fuel operations by unifying data between logistics, sales, maintenance, reporting and more.

  • Fuel Sites – Know the status of your fleet equipment at a glance. Efficiently monitor Fuel Sites and Inventory.
  • Fuel Cards – Authorize fuel with your own fleet fuel credit card using our integrated retail card module.
  • Bulk Fuel – Order and dispatch fuel to your sites. Learn about our Fair Fuel Index.
  • Fleet – Maintain vehicles utilizing real time workflows. Review and schedule maintenance work with ease.
  • EV – Manage and track electric vehicles. Report on your EV charging infrastructure.