Retail Fuel Dispensers

Retail Fuel Dispensers

The Encore Family: Fuel Station Equipment You Can Trust

Introducing The Encore Family by Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a trusted name in fuel station equipment suppliers. With us, confidence comes standard. Whether you’re looking for fuel pump station equipment or CNG fueling station equipment, our products guarantee quality and reliability. Choose Gilbarco Veeder-Root for your fuel station equipment needs and experience the Encore Family difference.

Encore® 700 S

Maximize profits with every fill-up.

The benchmark for fuel businesses.

The Encore® 700 S offers field-proven tools to encourage your fuel customers to come inside your store and buy higher-margin goods:

Encore CNG

Maximize options. Minimize costs. 

ANGI Energy Systems’ Encore CNG Dispenser enables you to easily bring compressed natural gas (CNG) to your fueling station. Its familiar Gilbarco Encore frame allows for a seamless installation by our trusted dispensers while preserving your site’s brand. Our CNG equipment communicates with your existing fuel-management system or forecourt controller, minimizing the disruption to your payment network and saving you the cost of a separate point-of-sale (POS) system.

Encore Flex Fuel

Meet the demand.

Meet the next generation of fuel blending. Your customers are increasingly demanding alternative fuel options. The Encore NF Series broadens your offerings while keeping the fueling experience quick, simple, and safe. Demonstrating the industry’s greatest fuel-option flexibility, the NF Series offers up to five product selections from one fueling station. It is a smart investment that enables you to maximize branding and sales opportunities while keeping the necessary number of tanks to a minimum.

Options: There are four different available model configurations

Encore Ultra-Hi Flow DEF Dispenser

Rugged meets flexible.

The Encore Ultra-Hi Flow DEF Dispenser offers the most flexibility in fueling equipment configurations in addition to providing excellent POS and back-office compatibly. Alongside its incredibly fast flow rate, this dispenser is built sturdy for the rugged truck-stop environment. It reduces the time needed to pump and pay to help your customers get back on the road and help you sell more fuel.

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Interested in gas station equipment financing options? Western Pump partners with Patriot Capital to provide affordable convenience store and gas station financing.

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