Legoland above ground fuel system of five tanks in the background and WesternPump's technician truck parked in front

Why Choose Western Pump?

Western Pump has built long-term, trusted relationships with our customers

As the only fully integrated gas station construction, service, compliance, and equipment distribution company in the Southwest, Western Pump has built long-term, trusted relationships with its customers by offering unmatched benefits packages and consistently exceeding expectations.

An Unmatched Customer Benefits Package

By offering turnkey gas station construction, service, maintenance, compliance, and equipment distribution solutions under one roof, we can guarantee owners and operators an unmatched customer benefits package.

  • Unmatched Convenience: one stop for all your construction, maintenance, and service needs
  • Always Available and 100% Reliable: 24/7/365 service with the industry’s best technicians
  • Exceptional Customer Care: we listen, respond, and are always professional and courteous
  • Reduced Downtime: we guarantee the industry’s fastest response and repair times
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: superior construction, the highest quality equipment, and proactive maintenance help us ensure a lower total cost of ownership

Committed to Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations

We care deeply about our customers’ success and share their sense of urgency. We build long-term relationships with our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations. Our customer relationships are built on three critical tenets: quality, trust, and integrity.

WesternPump's technician working on a fuel system checkup


Quality is not a token word for us at Western Pump. Exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional service fuels our passion. A high-quality end product is the ultimate mark of a job well done. And the quality that is built to last maximizes our customers’ ROI. That is why we always deliver quality that stands the test of time.


Trust is the bedrock of the long-term relationships we have built with our customers. Our customers know they can count on us. We care deeply about our customers and their success. As such, we try to exceed their expectations. If we ever fall short, we will make it right every time. We instill confidence in our customers and provide them peace of mind. With Western Pump on the job, you can trust the work will get done right.


Integrity is an essential ingredient for consistent delivery of high-quality work. It is also essential for creating trusted relationships with our customers. We always do the right thing. We are honest, forthright, and trustworthy in all our endeavors. All our employees are respectful, well-trained, and consummate professionals.

Our Promise to Our Customers

We care deeply about our customers. We will do everything possible to ensure their success. Western Pump promises to exceed customer expectations by providing unparalleled value and customer service.


Our turnkey offerings give you peace of mind and save you time and money.
We guarantee fast response and repair times, reducing your downtime.
We use the industry’s best products to maximize your productivity and ROI.
Our industry-leading specialty construction teams complete work on time and on budget while delivering a product that stands the test of time.


You can count on us 100%
Shared sense of urgency
Pride in the quality of our service
We always do right by the customer. If we don’t do the job right the first time, we will make it right, no matter the cost.


Best technicians
Best equipment
Best training
Best safety record

Our Approach

How do we provide our customers with unparalleled service and value? It starts with our relentless focus on excellence in every area of our business.

Best techs. Best training. Best technology. 

We employ the industry’s best technicians. And we have industry-leading training programs to ensure that our techs have the latest skills and certifications. We augment our incredible human resources by giving techs the latest technology and thereby supercharging their productivity. It all adds up to the highest quality service.

The Devil is in the Details. 

We use a comprehensive and integrated approach to effectively manage our workflow across all projects. From start to finish, we focus on making sure nothing slips through the cracks. This approach ensures we complete our projects on time, on budget, and according to spec.

Customer Testimonials

“Oftentimes in the “hustle and bustle” of living within our fiefdom, we fail to give “Thanks” or to “Appreciate” a true professional company. I’ve had the opportunity of providing service and receiving service, of working with high caliber professionals and those who are striving to become professional. Western Pump is of the first of this group. It took them less than twenty four (24) working hours to get our Gas Station(s) up and running!”

Two Harbors Fuel Station

“I just wanted to acknowledge the great service Western Pump provided to Kearny. They fixed the Veeder Root control panel green light by replacing only the front panel and all the history was retrieved, no data was lost. Whereas, I was under the impression that this repair was going to cost us a fortune, and would be impossible without changing the whole circuit panel. Smart people, we are lucky to have them.”


“I just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate Western Pump’s attitude, commitment and work ethic. They always come ready and supplied, work efficiently, and have the knowledge to get the job done right the first time. This company stands out to me personally because they show extra commitment and dedication. They are effective communicators, great with organization, and efficiency. They always complete the job before leaving.

NEX 32nd Street

Culture is the Glue That Holds It All Together. 

Our culture is essential for providing unmatched customer service and value. Western Pump is family owned and has always kept traditional family values at the heart of its culture. All Western Pump employees and customers are part of an extended family.

Western Pump’s Five Core Values


Care about our work and take pride in what we do. Nurture each other and those we serve. Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions. Be proud of our heritage and passionate about future possibilities. Value, promote, and fiercely protect our reputation.


Do what we say we will do, ALWAYS! Accept responsibility for our actions, accountability for our results, and ownership of our mistakes. Always do the right thing. Treat others the way we want to be treated. Eliminate surprises through consistent and positive communication.


Do more with less. Be solution oriented. Focus on delivering outstanding results. Be relentless and driven to execute on the highest standards in everything we do. Don’t just satisfy – aim to delight!


View every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Welcome feedback and seek constant learning and improvement. Acknowledge the role of others in our success. Be transparent – share information, share insights, share mistakes, share victories.


We are a team: recognize that great things happen when a team comes together with a unified goal. Reward ambition and create an environment where self-starters thrive. Build great relationships with all parties who contribute to our purpose. Exchange knowledge and experience to foster individual and company growth.

Our Commitment to Safety

Employee safety at the job site is of paramount importance to Western Pump; it is one of the greatest benefits we can offer our employees and their families. Western Pump is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all employees and anyone who may be at or near our job sites. We are all responsible for maintaining a safe workplace by following safety rules and best practices. We regularly train our staff in all vital safety procedures:

OSHA Safety Training
Lock Out / Tag Out Procedures
Site Safety
Confined Space Entry Procedures
PEI Safety
Vehicle Safety
WesternPump's technician doing a safety check up on a fueling system

Our Credentials

California (#673853) Licenses 

  • General Engineering (Class A)
  • General Building (Class B)
  • C-10 Electrical
  • C-61/ D-40 Service Maintenance and Installation 
  • Hazardous Material Waste Removal (HAZ)

Nevada (#0057569) Licenses 

  • General Building (Class B)
  • 4-Service Stations

Arizona (#ROC333393, #ROC333348 & #ROC200394 ) Licenses

  • B-1 General Commercial Contractor
  • CR-11 Electrical
  • CR-5 As Restricted by Registrar

Idaho (#RCE-52704) Licenses 

  • General Building (Class B)

Montana (#258330) Licenses

  • General Building (Class B)

See our Statement of Qualifications 

Our Affiliations

Western Pump is an active member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). We adhere to PEI safety guidelines and best practices for all our services. We are also members of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) San Diego Chapter, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) San Diego, the Marina Recreation Association (MRA), the Best CEO Group, and the Gilbarco Service Advisory Council (SAC) Committee.

An aerial view of a construction site with large cylindrical structures, possibly fuel storage tanks, being installed underground, next to an excavator.

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