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Atlas ASTRA AST Dispenser

ASTRA 9823K is a split remote pump with an electronic display register and nozzle hang-up for easy access and volume viewing at just the right height!

Gasboy Atlas® Above-Ground Storage Tank (AST) dispensers are the industry’s only customized pumping solution that Weights & Measures can seal for custody-transfer and retail applications. They can be a part of your complete Gasboy turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet-product distributors and authorized service contractors. Atlas AST dispensers feature a heavy-duty one-HP motor with a durable, long-term pump and meter. It is compatible with your Gasboy fleet-management systems to facilitate a single-source solution for your operation.

  • Approved by Weights & Measures for custody-transfer and retail applications
  • Compatible with Gasboy and other fleet-management systems
  • Cost-effective solution for above-ground tanks

Important Features

Lane-oriented nozzles offer easy, saddle-tank fueling or side-load fueling for conventional islands

Available in pump or dispenser style models, this heavy-duty, steel frame dispenser is designed for the fleet market

Rated at 50 gallons per minute (GPM) with a LC meter, dispensing fuel has never been faster or more accurate.

Increase fuel efficiencies by integrating your cloud-connected software with you dispensers

Regulatory Approvals
  • UL, cUL
  • NIST/ Weights & Measures
  • Measurement Canada
Product Features
  • Front Load Nozzle Position
  • CFT meter
  • All models come with a field wiring junction box for easy installation
  • Reliable Gasboy electronics
  • Internal replaceable filters
  • Vane pump – 1-HP motor
  • Large 1” Backlighted LCD volume display – capacitive backup
Durability Features
  • Rugged Welded G90 Galvanized steel frame
  • Backscreen polycarbonate dialface
Component Options
  • Gasboy RS485 Interface or Pulse Output for 3rd party controllers
  • Non-resettable mechanical totalizer
  • External high hose retractor