Specializing in building & servicing fueling & transportation infrastructure facilities.

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We are a full-service contractor that serves fueling and transportation infrastructure facilities.


Construction Projects

Western Pump Specializes in building fuel systems and general infrastructure for the petroleum, automotive, and transportation industries.


Service Calls (Per year)

Western Pump provides a full suite of fuel station equipment services ranging from emergency repairs and preventative maintenance to compliance testing and certification.

Distribution +

Western Pump is a distributor of fuel station, automotive, C-store, workstations, shop equipment, DC fast charging stations, and industrial equipment.

Two 13,000 gallon single-compartment diesel underground storage tanks Installed by WesternPump for QuickTrip Store in Tolleson, Arizona

Why Choose Western Pump?

For over 75 years our mission has been to exceed customer expectations and to build long-term partnerships based on quality, trust, and integrity.


Exceeding customer expectations by delivering high-quality results fuels our passion.


Trust is the bedrock of the long-term relationships we have with our clients. Our customers know they can always count on us.


Integrity is essential for strong customer partnerships. We always do the right thing. We are honest, forthright, and trustworthy in all our endeavors.

Who We Are

Western Pump is a full-service contractor for the petroleum, automotive, and transportation industries. We offer a one-stop solution for specialty and general construction, fuel station equipment sales, installation, and service. We serve a variety of both private and public enterprises in the Southwest.

  • Service Stations
  • Truck Stops & Travel Centers
  • Convenience Stores
  • Commercial Fleet Fueling Facilities
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Facilities
  • Mission Critical Facilities
  • Marina Fuel Facilities
  • Aircraft Refueling Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Bulk Terminals

What People Are Saying


“I just wanted to acknowledge the great service Western Pump provided to Kearny. They fixed the Veeder-Root control panel green light by replacing only the front panel. And all the history was retrieved. No data was lost, whereas I was under the impression that this repair was going to cost us a fortune and would be impossible without changing the whole circuit panel. Smart people! We are lucky to have them.”

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“Oftentimes, in the “hustle and bustle” of living within our fiefdom, we fail to give thanks or appreciate a true professional company. I’ve had the opportunity of providing service and receiving service, of working with high-caliber professionals and those who are striving to become professional. Western Pump is of the first of this group. It took them less than twenty-four (24) working hours to get our gas station(s) up and running!”


“I just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate Western Pump’s attitude, commitment, and work ethic. They always come ready and supplied, work efficiently, and have the knowledge to get the job done right the first time. This company stands out to me personally because they show extra commitment and dedication. They are effective communicators, great with organization, and efficiency. They always complete the job before leaving.”

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An aerial view of a construction site with large cylindrical structures, possibly fuel storage tanks, being installed underground, next to an excavator.

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