Crane lifting an underground fuel storage tank to complete its installation

Specialty Construction

Western Pump offers a wide range of specialty construction services.

Including gas station construction and maintenance, installation of electrical systems, and vehicle maintenance equipment. All of our specialty construction services are self-performed.

Specialty Construction

At Western Pump, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive specialty construction services. Our expertise spans from design and engineering to start-up and initialization. We handle complex tasks such as demolition, excavation, trenching, and shoring with precision. Our team is adept at tank installation & removal, piping system fabrication & installation, and electrical conduit & wire installation. Our commitment to quality is evident in our meticulous approach to fabrication, welding, and the installation of electrical and electronic systems.

Electrical and Electronic Systems Installation

At Western Pump, we are at the forefront of electrical and electronic systems installation. We specialize in power distribution & control systems, switchgear, and both high and low voltage installations. Our proficiency extends to explosion-proof installations (Class I, Division I, & II) and LED lighting. We are also pioneers in setting up electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and advanced fuel management & control systems.

Piping Installation Service
Rotary in-ground lift being serviced by a certified automotive technician

Petroleum Equipment Installation

Fuel management is a critical aspect of modern infrastructure, and we excel in this domain. We offer installation services for underground and aboveground storage tank systems, fuel dispensing systems, and submersible pump systems. Our expertise also covers secondary containment systems, vapor recovery systems, and tank & continuous monitoring systems. We are well-versed in alternative fuel systems, diesel exhaust fluid systems, and fuel additive systems, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all petroleum-related needs.

Vehicle Service and Garage Equipment Installation

For vehicle maintenance and garage setups, we provide a wide array of services. We specialize in lubricant pump systems, fluid inventory control systems, and hose reel banks. Our team can efficiently set up compressed air systems and used/waste oil evacuation systems. We also offer solutions for various vehicle lifts, wheel service equipment, tailpipe exhaust systems, water reclamation systems, central vacuum systems, and storage solutions like workbenches and shelving.

General Construction Services

Western Pump offers a wide range of general construction services, from quick repairs to full-scale facility construction. We specialize in gas station construction, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations. Our expertise extends to projects for government agencies, corporations, and educational institutions, covering areas like service stations, commercial fueling, and more.

Our Customers

An aerial view of a construction site with large cylindrical structures, possibly fuel storage tanks, being installed underground, next to an excavator.

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