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Islander PRIME

The Islander PRIME fuel-management system combines the functionality of an advanced web-based fuel controller and a sophisticated island- fleet card reader in a single package that is hardened for fuel islands.

The Islander PRIME system is a reliable and comprehensive fuel-management system that boasts the most advanced fleet-control technology on the market.

  • Interfaces seamlessly with FHO
  • Supports precise cost-tracking across multiple technologies, including web-based and contactless systems
  • Enables enhanced, integrated data collection
  • Offers lit terminals, enabling secure 24/7/365 availability for unattended sites

Important Features

Provides a wide range of authorization and secure payment methods
Improves the driver fueling experience with the bright color display and alphanumeric keypad

Stores a large number of users and transactions
Enables ultra fast download speeds

Controls one dispenser for single sites or many dispensers for the largest fleet operation
Connects to almost any fuel dispenser type

Standard Features Modular Options EMV Secure Payment Features 4.3” Multimedia Color Display Insert magnetic card reader Insert style Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) reads both chip and magnetic stripe cards Contactless Mifare Tag Reader Compact printer 16 key pin pad with graphic display and anti-tamper features Alphanumeric 40 key Keypad HID card/tag reader Certified for EMV credit transactions on all major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover TCP/IP Communication Built-in Wireless Gateway when integrated with FuelPoint Accepts fleet cards including WEX, Voyager, Fuelman Built-in Web Server for remote control and maintenance Internal Barcode scanner Accepts proprietary magnetic stripe cards Controls 64 Electronic Hoses External Hand Held Barcode Scanner Approved on the National Bankcard Services (NBS) Payment Network Controls Up to 8 Mechanical Hoses Stainless Steel and/ or ADA Pedestal     ICR PRIME model available for satellite configurations