Fuel-Management System Solutions

Gasboy fuel controllers electronically lock all fuel dispensing systems and pumps, thereby ensuring that only authorized vehicles and assets receive particular fuels or lubricants. Gilbarco Veeder-Root is not just a supplier of fuel-control hardware—they are a fuel-management entity. Their breadth of technology and products has made them an industry leader in daily fuel management.

Equipment Financing

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Islander PRIME

The Islander PRIME fuel-management system combines the functionality of an advanced web-based fuel controller and a sophisticated island- fleet card reader in a single package that is hardened for fuel islands.

The Islander PRIME system is a reliable and comprehensive fuel-management system that boasts the most advanced fleet-control technology on the market.


    • Interfaces seamlessly with FHO
    • Supports precise cost-tracking across multiple technologies, including web-based and contactless systems
    • Enables enhanced, integrated data collection
    • Offers lit terminals, enabling secure 24/7/365 availability for unattended sites