Consulting, Design, Build, and Engineering

We offer comprehensive construction services, including consultation, engineering, design, project management, permitting, and equipment installation.


We are proud of the facilities we have built and the customer relationships we have developed.

With over 30 years of proven success, we have developed an excellent reputation among our customers and within our subcontractor network. The pride we take in our workmanship is visible from project conception to completion. Our in-house electrical, mechanical, and plumbing professionals are passionate about their work and are always focused on exceeding our customer expectations.

We offer comprehensive construction services including, design, build, project management, permitting, and equipment installation. As a licensed contractor in California (#673853), Nevada (#0057569), and Arizona (#ROC200394), our engineering and construction experts specialize in creating facilities that meet stringent environmental and safety regulations.


Western Pump provides a variety of general construction services—everything from a quick, self-performed repair to the ground-up construction of a new facility with a team of subcontractors. No project is too big or too small.


Western Pump offers a wide range of specialty construction services, including installation of petroleum equipment, electrical systems, and vehicle maintenance equipment. All of our specialty construction services are self-performed.

Services We Offer

Design and Build

We provide a single point of responsibility for both the design and build phases of your construction project. A design-and-build approach saves time by increasing efficiency and improving collaboration. It also facilitates better problem solving and more creativity.


Permitting can be a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive part of a construction project. If the permitting process is not well managed, it can cause significant delays and cost overruns. Western Pump has extensive experience with the permitting process for specialty construction projects. We offer a turnkey permitting service that ensures permitting issues don’t throw your project off schedule or budget.

Equipment Installation

We are a fully licensed supplier and installer of fuel system infrastructure and automotive repair hardware. We supply and install the industry’s best products in order to maximize our customers’ productivity and ROI.

Project Management

Our project management services will ensure your construction project is managed effectively. We focus on productivity and output quality all while ensuring the project stays on schedule and budget.

Our Construction Services Involve

Our Projects Include

Construction Projects

  • Consulting 10% 10%
  • Design and Engineering 10% 10%
  • Bid and Build 40% 40%
  • Design and Build 40% 40%

Our Projects Include

  • Ground-ups
  • Tank Top and Re-pipe Projects
  • Tank Replacements
  • Raze and Rebuilds
  • Upgrades/Remodels

Statement of Qualifications

Our Approach

Safety First

As a licensed contractor in California, Nevada, and Arizona, our engineering and construction experts specialize in creating facilities that meet stringent environmental and safety regulations.

Set the Foundation

We are committed to exceeding client expectations. This is accomplished by developing and confirming precise scope and delivery methods before the project begins. We then implement the client’s vision through the selection of skilled design firms and subcontractors.

The Right Equipment

We offer a wide range of equipment engineering packages that adhere to current best practices and government regulations. In order to maximize long-term value, we work with our customers to select the custom equipment package that meets their unique requirements.

Efficient and Effective Execution

Achieving consistency between intended design and final product is paramount to the success of a project. We use a comprehensive and integrated approach to effectively manage project workflow. From start to finish, we focus on making sure nothing slips through the cracks. This approach ensures we complete our projects on time, on budget, and according to spec.

Fast Problem Solving

With most construction projects, unexpected challenges arise. In many cases, the way the project team responds to these challenges will be the primary determinant of project success. We take pride in being creative and fast problem solvers. We collaborate with our project partners to quickly diagnose the problem, identify potential solutions, and course correct.

How We Add Customer Value


Quality is not a token word for us at Western Pump. Exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional service fuels our passion. A high-quality end product is the ultimate mark of a job well done. And quality that is built to last maximizes our customers’ ROI. That is why we always deliver quality that stands the test of time.


Trust is the bedrock of the long-term relationships we have built with our customers. Our customers know they can count on us. We care deeply about our customers and their success. As such, we try to exceed their expectations. If we ever fall short, we will make it right every time. We instill confidence in our customers and provide them peace of mind. With Western Pump on the job, you can trust the work will get done right.


Integrity is an essential ingredient for consistent delivery of high-quality work. It is also essential for creating trusted relationships with our customers. We always do the right thing. We are honest, forthright, and trustworthy in all our endeavors. All our employees are respectful, well-trained, and consummate professionals.

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