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The Atlas® PRIME integrates a fuel controller and dispenser into one unit. This new Gasboy development combines the Gasboy authorization terminal and the Atlas electronic dispenser platform. It is equipped with a large, user-friendly, 40-key alphanumeric keypad and a 4.3-inch, high-brightness LCD color screen to allow for full fleet management directly from the pump. This integrated unit includes a MiFare contactless reader, a magnetic card reader, and an optional HID reader to facilitate multiple authorization methods. The Atlas PRIME is also fully integrated with Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS automated fueling technology. The Atlas PRIME can operate as a stand-alone or remote terminal.

  • Facilitates multiple authorization methods
  • Web-based fuel-management terminal at each fueling position
  • Available on any Atlas® 9800K front-load unit
  • UL, cUL, FCC certifications

Important Features

The Atlas PRIME allows for the most common authentication methods for both operator and vehicle.  Built-in authorization methods include MiFare contactless tag reader, card reader for proprietary cards, and a full alphanumeric keypad.  HID readers are available as an option.

Gasboy Atlas PRIME merges the latest fueling control technology with trusted Gasboy Atlas fuel dispensers. Each fueling position has its own integrated user interface for authorizing transactions and collecting driver and vehicle information.

The Atlas PRIME point-of-use fuel authorization terminal provides a faster, safer, and more intuitive fueling experience at commercial fleet fueling sites. Separate fuel control pedestals are not needed at Atlas PRIME locations which simplifies installation.

Fuel Authorization Terminal
  • 4.3″ multimedia color display
  • Full alphanumeric 40 key keyboard
  • Addressable soft keys
  • Contactless MiFare cards and 125K tag reader
  • Horizontal insert magnetic card reader for fuel and fleet cards
  • Built-In Wireless Gateway for use with Gasbou FuelPoint® PLUS wireless vehicle ID system
  • Two-stage authorization option for validation of driver and vehicle with any combination RFID tag, HID tag, card reader, FuelPoint® PLUS, and keypad
In-Dispenser Controller
  • Intel Atom E3800 series processor
  • 2GB/4GB DDR3L system memory
  • Linux based operating system
HID Reader
  • Optional HID multiCLASS SE PR40 Reader
    • 125kHz contactless cards supported
    • HID Prox®, Indala® Prox, Dorado® Prox, and EM Prox legacy contactless credentials
    • 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards supported iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MiFare® Classic, and MiFare DESFire®EV1
  • Real-time monitoring of refueling and tank levels, delivery and inventory reconciliation
  • Local account management supporting up to o 25,000 off-line transactions
  • 50,000 devices (vehicles & drivers)
  • Vehicle controls including fuel type restrictions, maximum daily transactions and volume, mileage and odometer restrictions.
  • Employee controls including maximum daily transactions and volume