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The Hidden Problem that Could Be Hurting Your Business – Dirty Fuel

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The hidden problem that could be hurting your business – dirty fuel. Our fuel system service experts have prepared this fuel system cleaning FAQ to help you learn more about this hidden problem and ways to correct it.

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e-Book: How to Leverage Industry Trends to Improve Business Results


There are many trends impacting the fueling, construction and transportation infrastructure industries. Some help the industries improve productivity and profitability, while others create headwinds that hinder business success. Over the past year, we’ve published four articles that detail the key trends we believe will have the most significant impact on our industries. This eBook is a consolidation of those four articles.

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Follow Benjamin Franklin’s Advice to Improve Business Performance

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Having a preventative maintenance program for your critical equipment and systems makes good business sense. As Benjamin Franklin said almost 300 years ago, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A carefully designed preventative maintenance program includes routine repairs and checks that can uncover looming problems before they manifest.

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How to Win the Battle for Top Talent

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According to a recent survey from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Autodesk, 80 percent of construction firms say they are having difficulty filling key positions on their construction teams. While the industry itself is growing rapidly as the demand for new infrastructure projects increases, the skilled workforce needed for these projects has dwindled. The impact of this labor shortage has been significant; half of the firms surveyed believe it is increasing costs and causing project delays.

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Mission Possible: Zero Job Site Accidents

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Each new year, individuals and companies alike set ambitious goals for the coming year. In the construction industry, most companies set annual goals for workplace safety. Is zero accidents a reasonable goal? Perhaps it is a bridge too far for the largest companies in the industry—for many firms, however, the goal is achievable and should be diligently pursued. At Western Pump, we are committed to creating the safest work environment possible for our employees and job site partners. Despite the rapid growth of our business, which has created more opportunities for accidents, our goal for 2020 is to have zero job site accidents.

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Are You Ready For the Tsunami of New Construction Technology?

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The business environment is in a constant state of change. Technological advancements are the primary drivers of this change. In the construction industry, companies that are willing to embrace these new technologies will be the most successful. Selecting the right technologies for your company can be challenging given the incredible number of options to choose from. Technology innovation is impacting the construction industry in three key areas: construction materials, project design, and the build process.