Western Pump developed its core values by more than 25 years of honest and ethical business conduct. These Core Values are the foundation by which we build the fairness and integrity that will allow our business to continue to succeed.


We comply with company policies, rules, and regulations. We protect company assets. We comply with all regulatory requirements. We are honest, forthright and trustworthy in our dealings with employees, customers, regulators, suppliers, teammates, competitors, and the community. We do what is right. Always.


We continually challenge each other to improve our products, our processes, our services, and ourselves. We strive always to understand our customer’s needs and to assist them in achieving their goals. We stress quality, regulatory compliance, growth, best practices, and measurement. We are dedicated to diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect, trust, and achieving success.


We promote an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, collaboration, and successful results through teamwork. We value teams because they promote trust, openness, challenge, opportunity, and growth. We encourage, recognize and reward employees for being creative, resourceful, and productive. We practice leadership that teaches, inspires, and promotes full participation and career development. We encourage open and effective communication and interaction. We are committed to putting the best people in the right places within the organization, and giving them the right training, tools and resources to succeed.


We honor the commitments we make, and take personal responsibility for achieving results. We foster an operating discipline of continuous improvement that is an essential part of our culture. We continually and relentlessly seek to improve our company and ourselves.


We treat others as we want to be treated – always attentive to personal dignity and receptive to diversity of ideas. We recognize the value that comes from individuality and personal experience.

These core values support and guide our leadership in establishing the strategic business direction of our company. We expect our employees, clients, and suppliers to conduct their business in accordance with these ethical principles.