Walter Reed, Troy Reese, and Mac Daniels left Western Services in 1948 and created Western Pump as a service company. For the next twenty-six years, Walter Reed ran the company as a successful service provider. Both Texaco and Atlantic Ritchfield were key accounts during those years. Walter’s son, Bruce Reed, worked for Western Pump from 1968 to 1978. Bruce and Ray De La Hunt left Western Pump to join J.F. Keaveny and eventually became co-owners of the successful service company that still exists today.

In 1974 Walter sold the company to two of the owners of R.H. Alexander Co., a Los Angeles based distributor and service provider. Herb Chapin managed the San Diego operation until 1978 when William Biery Sr. took over management and assumed ownership. After Bill Biery’s health declined, his son, Bill Jr. and wife, Nancy, managed the company for a short time. In 1988, Dennis and Jan Rethmeier acquired the assets and name of Western Pump, and further developed the business to include construction and compliance testing services.


Today, Western Pump is the only fully integrated petroleum equipment, maintenance, construction, and compliance testing company in Southern California. Western Pump provides the finest in wholesale equipment sales, installation, compliance testing, construction, and maintenance services. Moreover, Western Pump is a family owned and operated business with strong traditional family values interwoven throughout the fabric of the company. Ryan and Derek Rethmeier have both been with the company for over twenty years in increasingly responsible positions. Dana Rethmeier has been with the company for over two years heading up materials and warehouse management.